Again, the receipts from a LACT unit become a part of the accounting record

Again, the receipts from a LACT unit become a part of the accounting record.

The unit of measurement for volume of natural gas is the MCF, or thousand cubic feet. This system provides for the automatic measurement, sampling, and transfer of oil from the lease location into a pipeline. This is done in one of several types of surface equipment such as a Free Water Knockout, a Gun Barrel Separator, or a Three Phase Separator. The unit of measurement for crude oil as reported on your royalty statement is the BBL. Differential pressure is measured and recorded as gas passes across an orifice plate, allowing for a calculation of the volume of gas passing through the pipe. The first step toward accurate measurement for an oil stream is to remove any free water and sediment. The results will be used to adjust the final volume on which all owners are paid.

To measure the volume of a run, a measuring strap with a weight on the end is lowered into the oil tank, and an initial reading is taken. The difference between the two tank levels (readings) is now used to calculate the exact volume of oil that has been removed. The gross volume from which your royalty share is calculated is based on this oil and gas measurement. A sample of the oil is taken, and placed in a portable centrifuge which forces entrained impurities to separate from the oil.

Crude Oil Measurement

The modifier crude is used to denote oil that comes from the earth in its raw form, which generally means it contains some saltwater and possibly a few other impurities thus the term crude oil. gallons. As you can imagine, a system of this type is applicable where larger volumes are being produced, and must have a pipeline available in which to connect. A run is simply the act of removing the oil from the lease location, and taking it offsite for refining. Customary industry standard is that the Operator verifies the measurements of the First Purchaser through a check meter for gas, or by re checking the levels in oil storage tanks for oil.

Oil and Gas Measurement in the Field

Produced crude oil and natural gas (hydrocarbons) are measured prior to leaving the well site, as required by law.

The majority of producing wells measure gas production with an orifice style meter. Next, a valve is opened which allows the oil to flow by gravity into a pipeline or truck, whichever the case may be. Following this step the oil is now isolated and can be measured. A related unit of measurement, based on the heating (or energy) value of natural gas is called the MMBTU, or British Thermal Unit.

For larger volumes in the range of 100 1000 BOPD lets say, the oil generally flows through an automated system called a LACT unit, which stands for Lease Automatic Custody Transfer. When the tank is nearly emptied, the valve is shut and a second strap reading is taken. Orifice meters have no moving parts and are easily serviced in the field. The person making the run now completes a field run ticket which is made a part of the accounting records for this transaction. Crude oil is measured in one of two ways, depending on the aggregate volume available for measurement. Typically, there will be two meters on the well, one owned by the well Operator, and one owned by the First Purchaser.

. Calculation of total gas flow is done on a monthly basis, usually by a third party oil and gas measurement contractor.

On a typical day $500 million of oil and gas is produced from Americas oil and gas wells.

For smaller volumes in the range Film Blowing Machine Screw of 1 100 BOPD lets say, the oil generally flows into an atmospheric storage tank and is held there until sufficient quantity is accumulated to make a run. A BBL is 42 U. In this article, well use the MCF, since this is what is usually seen on a royalty owners monthly statement. Todays technology, some very simple, is capable of measuring hydrocarbon production quite accurately.Oil and Gas Measurement

Remember the pictures of the old wooden oil derricks with black gold gushing into the sky? Well, things have changed. Well look at how crude oil and natural gas are measured. Regardless of the price fluctuations, every MCF of gas or BBL of oil is valuable and worth accounting for. Assuming an average royalty percentage of 17 , thats $85 million paid daily to royalty owners. These calculations are passed along to the Operator who enters them into their revenue accounting software, through which royalty owners are paid. When a run is ready to be made, the first step is to do a shake out test. These serve as a check for each other a benefit from the royalty owners perspective.S

In addition, the Santos Basin is entirely offshore

Preliminary results from Brazil’s Santos Basin fields give a density ranging from 27API in the Carioca field to 30 API in the Tupi field.

In addition, the Santos Basin is entirely offshore.

. The heaver the oil the more like tar it is.

How does this new oil discovery compare with the largest oil field in the world, Ghawar in Saudi Arabia? Ghawar was discovered in 1951. It averages 31 miles wide by 174 miles long. One is the drilling in such deep water. Simmons and the article in World Oil Magazine noted at the beginning. These new oil fields comprise a 40 billion barrel downturn when compared to the super giant fields of the past. However, in the Santos Basin the cap rock is corrosive salt. Drilling and maintaining casing in 6,500 feet of this salt layer is a significant technical challenge. The oil thickness is estimated at 250 to 394 feet.

Two sources must be credited for the technical and factual information in this article. These sources are Twilight in the Desert by Matthew R.

Oil production from Ghawar comes from Jurassic age carbonate rocks. This area may cover an area of 1,000 square miles. Light oil has a density of 38 to 34 API.

Based on preliminary drilling, these new wells may redefine the Carioca geologic structure, in the Santos Basin. This field has an inert anhydrous (calcium sulfate) seal. It is located in the eastern part of Saudi Arabia, about 75 miles west of the Gulf of Bahrain. It has produced an estimated 55 to 65 percent of the total Saudi production.

While this discovery is good, it tends to give credibility that the days of cheap oil have passed.

These three areas of the Santos Basin are estimated to contain almost 40 billion barrels of oil. Medium oil has a density of 32 API, and heavy oil has a density of 29 API or less. The average well depth is 6 to 7 thousand feet, with an oil thickness of 250 feet. These wells will be drilled in 7,000 feet of water. It has produced an estimated 55 billion barrels of oil, averaging 5 million barrels per day. They have an average total depth of over 22,000 feet. As you can see, this oil is significantly heaver than that of the Ghawar oil. Rubber Machine Screw However, this oil is much harder to get out, is much higher density and therefore harder to refine. Another problem is the extent and type of cap rock covering the oil layer.

The oil bearing formations are Lower Cretaceous, almost 100 million years younger than the oil bearing strata of the Saudi fields.According to an article in World Oil Magazine entitled, Three super-giant fields discovered offshore Brazil, by Arthur Berman; three new offshore oil fields have been discovered in Brazil’s Santos Basin.

Ghawar covers an area of about 2,000 square miles. If these estimates are true, then these fields will be the third largest ever discovered, and the largest discovered in the last 30 years. The world needs to take notice and become much more aware of how we develop and use this increasingly hard to get resource. I wanted to give you a quick and incisive overview of these important developments in the oil industry.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) defines oil by its density. In Ghawar, the cap rock was a relatively inert anhydrite. The light oils are the most energy efficient and the easiest to refine. West Texas light sweet crude has been a standard by which oils have been compared for many years.

There are several major production challenges in the Santos Basin. The Brazilian oil company, Petrobas, announced, these fields, named Tupi, Jupiter and Carioca located 174 miles east of the State of Sao Paulo in the Atlantic Ocean

The bottom line is we cannot trust useless politicians to change anything

The bottom line is we cannot trust useless politicians to change anything.” The massive investment in hydrogen and other forms of energy would not just be for automobiles, but for jet engines as well.00 per gallon with no end in sight. This would drive down the price of hydrogen fuel cell cars, and of hydrogen fuel.00 per gallon in the U. That would bring gas prices down to a reasonable $1. As new technologies develop over the next ten years we can shift to electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. We have to do it ourselves, and force idiot politicians to go along with it. They are being sold in Japan, and tested in Southern California right now.

Now, that is the bridge. If American oil was only sold in America the price would likely be in the $30-$40 per barrel range. This is not a permanent solution. They would know that domestic oil production in the United States would reduce the future price of oil significantly.

Another provision Congress should include in allowing domestic drilling is that oil companies invest 15% of their profits in new energy sources.

The solution is for Congress to approve tax incentives for homeowners and small businesses to install solar or wind power.50 per gallon range. A single wind tower costs up to $50,000 to install. We have also started driving less, which has decreased demand. That would drop the price of oil on the international market by 50-60% almost immediately. The oil companies can then transform themselves over the next decade from oil companies to energy companies.S. No matter how much oil we can produce in the U. If they had any concern for us they would allow us to drill for oil within the United States.In America today the average price of gasoline has skyrocketed past $4. Forget which political party they belong to. We need to build a bridge to energy independence that will not bankrupt us. They would approve clean, cheap, nuclear power. Solar panels are not as expensive as in the past, but are still expensive enough that many homeowners are not able to easily afford them.S.

If the Congress had any concern for you or me they would lift all Federal gas taxes to help us out. The major hurdle today is cost. YOU have the power. That would cut out about 15% of the price per gallon of gas.

Just the threat of possible Congressional action to allow domestic oil production already has the Saudis spooked. Further, we would be the leader in clean energy development, and the rest of the world would follow, as they always do. Poll after poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly support domestic drilling for oil to lower prices. Air travel would be transformed with clean fuel sources, and air planes would be built with lighter, more fuel efficient materials. They argue domestic drilling will do nothing to lower oil prices because the global market sets the price of oil.

Automobile manufacturers would make more hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and more hydrogen pumps would be added. it will only last for a finite amount of time.

Another solution to power needs is solar and wind power. Some believe there may be enough oil in shale in the Rocky Mountains to supply all domestic oil needs, and even have a surplus. Still, no one seems to have a solution.

Demand that Congress take action now.

The most important investment would be to begin replacing one or two gas pumps with hydrogen refueling pumps.
. Stand up, take action, and forcefully demand that Congress and the President take action NOW. the people of America started making their voices heard. Over the next 10-15 years there would be no gasoline powered vehicles made anymore, and the term “hydro station” would replace “gas station. That will only raise gas prices further because the oil companies sure aren’t going to give away their profits and make less money. This would then make these grids more capable of handling spikes in demand during summer months, and make the grids easier to maintain and upgrade. Not to mention the environmental impact of continuing to burn fossil fuels.

What about energy to power our homes and businesses?

Congress also needs to approve new nuclear power plants to supply electricity for our homes and businesses.

Instead, politicians have done nothing except talk about idiotic proposals to tax oil company profits. If Congress actually took action the real source of high oil prices, the speculators who make money trading oil futures, would begin to dump their oil future holdings. Nuclear power is cheap, clean, and now more than ever safe. They want something done about the high price of gas, and they want to see action now. The hurdle is that no one wants to buy a car hr-screw they can’t refuel at the station down the street. Oil prices have doubled since the end of 2007 with $200 per barrel conceivable within months. It is conceivable that we could produce enough oil domestically to supply 80% of our consumption needs within 3 years. Just the notion that Americans are angry, and want something done has already prompted the Saudis to announce they will increase production.

It would be great if we could all plug in our electric cars tomorrow, and never use a drop of gas again. Let your Senators and Representatives know that if they don’t support building a bridge to energy independence you’re going to fire them. Rather than tax oil profits, which does nothing except put money in the government coffers to be wasted on nothing, Congress should demand those profit dollars be spent on developing new, clean forms of energy. Such incentives would create a massive reduction in demand on the major power grids. It would be foolish to think that even if we had 40-50 years worth of oil that we should just wait until it runs out to replace it as an energy source. We could then realistically no longer need oil for any transportation by 2020. They would allow more refineries to be built. In the short-term we need cheap oil to keep our cars and trucks on the road.” More than a million people have already signed the petition. If hydrogen pumps began to appear at local gas stations all over the country, the demand for hydrogen fuel cell cars would grow exponentially.

How do we build the bridge, and how do we force oil prices down by 50-60% in a matter of weeks?

It’s already begun. However, solar and wind power can be effective power sources for individual homes and small businesses. The hydrogen fuel cell car is already a reality. We would be free of fossil fuels for transportation. It is unlikely that massive solar or wind power facilities will ever be effective sources of power for millions of customers.

These rather simple steps, if enacted now would make the United States completely energy independent by the mid 20′s. However, we can’t.

The three main types of temperature sensors are thermocouples

With worldwide concern about global climate change the use of data logger equipment to monitor a wide range of environmental factors such as temperature, solar radiation, rainfall, and water table levels is becoming increasingly prevalent. The basic data logger inputs required for these sensors are listed below:

Data Logger Temperature Sensor Inputs
The three main types of temperature sensors are thermocouples, PT100 sensors and thermistors.2 of a millimeter of rainfall. A data logger must have a pulse input to work with a rain gauge. Thermistors are low cost and accurate, but are non linear so the data logger needs an internal look up table to read these devices accurately. When the bucket fills up it tips, triggering a pulse from a reed switch to measure 0. Thermocouples do not require external power making them ideal for use with data logger installations in remote locations. For use with ultrasonic level sensors the data logger needs to be able to power a 4-20mA loop.

So it can be seen that for environmental monitoring applications it is important to select a data logger with multi channel input capability which is able to support a wide range of sensor inputs

Omni Instruments has many years of experience of providing data logger equipment for these applications and can also supply compatible sensors. Many data logger models have a five volt supply available for this type of sensor. The new generation of Omni Instruments data logger models Extruder Barrel support the serial protocols used by the latest wind sensors. This makes them ideal for use in the field with a variety of environmental sensors. As most pressure based depth sensors require excitation the data logger needs to be able to power the sensor. Whilst most data logger types can handle voltage and current inputs few are able to read serial devices.

Many modern data logger models offer long operation on internal batteries coupled with multi channel universal input capability. Thermocouples require a data logger with high resolution and cold junction compensation. The collector funnels the rain water onto a tipping bucket sensor.

Data Logger inputs for Water Level Sensors
Water level sensors are usually submersible pressure sensor types or ultrasonic non contact.

Data Logger Inputs for Solar Radiation Sensors
Whilst many low cost data logger models can work with temperature sensors and rain gauges, the very low voltage output of solar radiation sensors can present a problem.

Data Logger Rain Gauge Inputs
A rain gauge is a barrel shaped device with a rain collector. PT100 sensors are very accurate, but as they are three wire devices many low cost data logger models are not compatible.

Data Logger Inputs for Wind Sensors
These are available with voltage, mA and serial outputs. With a typical range of 0-20 mV to represent a range of 0-2000 WM2 a data logger needs a very low measurement range and high resolution to take meaningful readings

Using non-traditional targets such tin cans, bottles

Using non-traditional targets such tin cans, bottles, and balloons filled with air. You will have fun choosing from the collection.Airsoft guns are designed to shoot casually at random target. Have one and have fun!
. They make shooting fun especially one which you are happy with. There is a wide array of selection to choose from. One model can fire six shots as fast as the trigger can be pulled. The receiver is lightweight because it is made of resin. But the Colt Delta Elite can pack a wallop. What could be more fun than that!

Guns for plinking are in vogue even girls can match up with their male counterparts. They come high priced and can lead on to becoming a collectors item. Online stores have bb guns even for girls of the human species have easy cocking effort. It has built in damage control in case of misfires and misfeeds. There is a warning however, never to recycle ammo like pellets as this cause getting stuck and the cancellation of the gun warranty. Perhaps you just have the making of a good shooter with this kind of plinkers. Shooting at different speed the airsoft bb guns are ideal for shooting with paper targets and perfect for the neophyte. Plastic they are made of but would make good practice for target shooting. This kind is normally referred to as BBs since they also shoot round buckshot through a smoothbore barrel. They come in types, forms, kinds of diverse functions and make.

Airsoft guns are crafted to be not capable of causing death. It possesses balance and excellent accuracy and provides shooters ways and means to sharpen their skills to accomplish their marksmanship potentials. Whatever level of skills you have got, there is one for you.

Air guns might give the pleasure of thrill and excitement yet safety precautions must be looked into. Even Airsoft spring guns can be dangerous but not as alarming as the real ones. There is a fine Colt model for novice shooters, for the younger people as low as 10 years old have cheap bb guns sized for them. According to history, Smith and Wesson was one of the makers of plinkers who started it all. This company was an influential players in the BB gun market. For ladies Rubber Machine Screw this can be easy to handle because they are made of lightweight materials. Aside from thrill of owning one it can help boost self confidence. They can be a lot of fun as low powered guns meant only for target shooting or plinking. Take the translucent airsoft BB gun another good practice shooting for beginners. Smith and Wesson bb guns come in different assortment. Compared to the airsoft minigun, there is no debate there. Spring guns like the Colt spring bb gun dont have the speed it takes to pull the trigger because each time you fire you manually charge it by pulling the on the cocking lever. The swift fire pleasure makes it the ideal target training gun for any use. Miniguns are exact copy of the weapons in the military and police. With it you can shoot up with amazing power.

All airsoft guns are not made equal. It makes for a recreational sport making shooting a pleasure

And at the end of this article you will have learned a bit

And at the end of this article you will have learned a bit more about it as well.If you are a beginner and you want to know more about brewing, then you need home brewing instructions. When you learn to taste all the different brands and types available, you will learn a lot for the time you start to brew your own beer. Others prefer it at room temperature or somewhat chilled and served directly from the barrels stored in the pub cellar.

Americans tend to like their beer ice cold, but this is just the case with lager type beers. It is a variation of the traditional porter. In all home brewing instructions and manuals there will be recipes and when you read them you will see that the factors, most of the time, are small, but the effects are very big.

Taste the difference

Tasting is one of the best home brewing instructions we can give you, you can start with tasting these different types of beer:

Lager, also called pilsner or pils, is one of the most eminent beers in the world, it is a classic pale colored beer. Porter is a dark beer and is a strong, top fermented beer made from roasted malt. The temperature depends on the type of beer and the local customs.

Stout, is a very heavy and dark beer. But first you need to know more about beer, because the taste of beer depends on so many factors that tasting is the first thing you need to learn.

Other home brewing instructions about taste

It is not just the technology or the raw materials used like soft water, high quality malt, and the right type of brewer s yeast. it will make sure that even when you are just a beginner you ought to make fine tasting beer. Other factors, that Metallised Film Manufacturers are just as important, for example are the way how it is consumed, whether it comes from a bottle or a can or is drawn from a barrel.

Proper home brewing instructions will give you tactics that would certainly give you fine results in the art of beer making.

The type of beer (lager, stout Weiss) is determined by many different factors like the taste and quality of the water, the type of yeast you use, the malt, well, in fact all of the ingredients used. In some parts of the world they drink their beer at room temperature especially with Belgium beers this is the case. If you drink it straight from the bottle or poured in a glass. Most home brewing instructions will not cover the different types of beer because they assume that you know already. What ingredients would be best for the kind of beer taste that you are aiming for. All over the world this type of beer is made by hundreds of breweries. By then you will have learned what a type of beer should taste like and if you have done a good job or the recipe should be altered a bit. In Britain however the specialties are stout and porter.

Weiss beer, is a wheat beer that is especially popular in Germany and other parts of Europe. A well known stout beer in Ireland and the world is Guinness beer. The equipment you use and the brewing method are other parts of the factor. The beginners lessons in your home brewing instructions are also made to help you as a first time brewer to find the best ingredients for the type of beer you want to make. It is good to taste and learn the difference between the English sweet stout, which usually contains lactose (milk sugar), and the Irish dry stout, which is bitter and has higher alcohol content. Certainly, by following and understanding home brewing instructions for beginners, you will be able to create your own great tasting beer

Whisky as a drink is about pleasure as well as appreciation

Whisky Tasting is an art. There is no fine line between whiskies designed only for pleasure and whiskies designed only for appreciation. Whisky distilleries have an intoxicating, heady aroma. These are the places where casks and casks of whisky lay maturing. Any assumptions made on color must be confirmed on the nose e.g. This is perfectly acceptable, and is in fact more practical for drinking, however, the tulip shaped glass is better for nosing purposes. People drinking whisky for the first time should not take it without mixing water.

You have to Injection Molding Barrel hold the glass up to a neutral background and have a good look at the color. Ensure you nose the whisky more than once.

For tasting the whisky through the nose, you have to add a splash of bottled still water to your whisky. a dark rich amber colored whisky may have been a new drink; matured in an ex-sherry barrel or it may be an older whisky.

Whisky as a drink is about pleasure as well as appreciation. A beginner should start with about half and half, whisky to water. Holding your mouth open slightly when nosing should help you take in more of the whisky’s aromas. Whisky is often drunk from a crystal tumbler. For many people drinking whisky with friends is one of life’s great pleasures. Color can give an indication of age and wood finish of the whisky; however, one can never trust his eyes. The water will reduce the alcohol content, and raise the temperature slightly releasing more of the aromas. This type of glass will trap the aromas in the bulbous bottom of the glass and release them through the small area at the top of the glass. Once you smell the wood from the casks and all sorts of fruity compounds evaporating off the whisky into the air, you will definitely like it. Whisky at its perfect blend will maintain their core flavor characteristics at this strength, and it doesn’t hurt your mouth. If you are keen to learn whisky tasting, you need a clean tulip-shaped nosing glass and a jug of bottled still water at room temperature. You should select a suitable glass for nosing and a tulip shaped glass tends to be best. Whisky is a natural product and whisky making is a time-honored craft.

Being into a whisky distillery is a memorable experience.
. I guess it’s more a “bouquet” than simply an aroma, because it’s so complex, comprised of so many different, complementary aromas.Whisky is loved all over the world because of its aromas and flavors. One should drink his whisky any way he wishes to. You would first smell a rush of alcohol other characteristics will follow quickly. People accustomed to drinking just beer and wine don’t ever encounter pain when they drink their drinks because the alcohol levels of those drinks are below the pain threshold of the tongue

Wine Thief is mainly used to take away petite quantity of wine from the container

Wine Thief is mainly used to take away petite quantity of wine from the container.

Bungs are fixed into the mouth of the carboy and have different sizes. It is basically a plastic pipette which can be anywhere from 12 to 24 inches (30 to 60 centimeters) in length and may have a bend near one end. It is also known as the siphoning tube. Its rather simple to dispense & move around.Wine making supplies are the basic equipment which you need for the wine production.

1. Food Grade Hose:
Food Grade Hose is Extruder Screw used through the racking and is useful for shifting the wine into a new jug or bottle.

. Airlocks also prevent bacteria from reaching the wine,

3. It is used for the containing of wine and is used during fermentation of wine.

Now that you have got all the necessary wine making equipment at home, you can make and enjoy a great wine of your own taste within your comfort.


8. It is a glass container offered in different sizes starting from one gallon to seven gallons. Food Grade Bucket:
Another important wine making supply is Food Grade Bucket. You can get the wine making supplies from most of the wine sellers. These are used to seal the container and are also referred as stoppers or corks. The measures on the hydrometer are used to check the sugar level in wine. Airlocks
Airlocks are used to stop the oxygen from going inside the carboy. Others:
Other wine making equipment consists of wine bottles-for storing wine, corker-for inserting corks, carboy and bottle brushes and oak barrel.

6. The airlock is placed tightly on the top of the carboy after popping it into a rubber stopper. Carboy:
A carboy is the most important wine making supply when you plan to make wine.

7. These buckets are available in three to six and seven gallon sizes. The rod will float depending upon the density of sugar in the wine. It should be long enough to reach from the bottom of the source container to the bottom of the target container. The ability of the glass to be cleaned easily and stainlessness makes carboy suitable to be used as a container during wine making. The most basic wine making supplies of wine making equipment are carboy, airlocks, bungs, hydrometer, food grade bucket, food grade hose and wine thief. So, if you want to enjoy a home made wine at your satisfaction then you will need wine making equipment. During the process of wine-making, it is important to use a glass container during the secondary fermentation to prevent oxidation. It is like a glass-rod which is floated in a test tube containing wine. These U-shaped devices prevent the air to enter the carboy, and let the carbon dioxide escape the container during fermentation. Siphoning tube prevents the juice from splashing into the new bottle or jug hence avoiding oxidation into the wine. Hydrometer:
Hydrometer Tube is the wine making supply which measures the amount of sugar to be used during fermentation and before and after the fermentation process

Handguns sales are at an all time high because they are the best types of guns for self defense

Handguns sales are at an all time high because they are the best types of guns for self defense. You could go online to check the availability of cheap handguns at a price that suits you best. These types of guns tend to be involved in domestic accidents because of the ease with which they can be operated by children and untrained people.

Handguns are easily available should you wish to purchase one and you could even look for a used hand gun at a very good price. This makes them preferable because of the way they can be hidden within ones clothing or purse. Look for a slightly heavier gun since a light handgun has a lot of recoil and will affect accuracy. You have to exercise the greatest caution when you keep firearms at home so that the gun does not get into wrong hands. Even the type of ammunition used is different.

Handguns have limited long range accuracy but are able to hit man sized targets without much problem. While all these types of guns gave their advantages, the derringer is considered the best suited for personal protection because of its small size and ease with which it can be hidden.

The most important thing to take into account before buying any types of guns is the presence of children in your house. Another factor that you should take into account is that auto loaders have a flat profile in comparison to revolvers. You also have to take your experience with firearms into account.

There are certain factors you have to take into account while selecting a handgun for self defense.

It would be best to buy a handgun that has a barrel shorter than 4 inches if it is meant for self defense. Other types of guns such as rifles and shotguns have longer barrels and require two hands for shooting, besides being difficult to carry around easily without attracting too much attention.Do you feel the need of a handy firearm that can be used as an effective deterrent if you found yourself in a risky situation? You are not alone in this need given the spiraling rates of crime. It is the sad truth that horrible accidents Film Blowing Machine Screw have happened due to handling and storing firearms in a casual manner. These small and compact weapons are easy to fire and to carry and this explains their growing popularity, particularly with women. The most important thing is to consider the law concerning firearms in the place where you live.

Handguns require only one hand for their operation, although the second hand can be used to support the shooting hand.

There are various types of handguns available such as revolving pistols, semi automatic pistols, single shot pistols and derringers. It would be best if you receive training in firearms use before you venture to buy a firearm so that you dont get caught unawares.

If your handgun is meant for home defense, you should consider a semi automatic with a caliber of at least 9 mm.

It is when somebody points a gun at me

If there is anything which makes me really angry, it is when somebody points a gun at me.

What a merciful God we have! But is that how we view afflictions?

Now He’s rattling our cage harder because we have not heeded Him.

But as a non-believer I used to have times of great joy singing around the house or wherever. I will undertake. I was just full of joy. Hostility turned to peace and bewilderment to joy as they received the Word in a communist land where the Bible was forbidden.

While the entire platoon was jabbering in amazement at the reverse of roles, the captain came out of the bush shouting, ‘What’s going on here? What’s going on?’

In almost a chorus, the platoon replied, ‘this man refuses to die!’ They might have added, for it was apparent by their faces and behaviour, ‘And we’re confused. I regret it didn’t. I could see the astonishment written all over their faces. It was many years later before I came to know Him.

Then he saw my Bible on the back seat of the car and with a stammer asked, ‘Is that a Bible? Do you have one for me? I have not been to church for seventeen years. I always drove fast to beat the bullets!

As the roadblock loomed up rapidly and I was still cruising at eighty, I asked the Lord, ‘Should I run them?’ The Holy Spirit distinctly whispered to me, ‘No, stop. That joy should have caused me to question where it came from.

Doesn’t that excite you? It sure does me.

Do we love Him for what He gives us, in which case we are controlling the relationship or are we passionately in love with Him so that He is our prize and very great reward, so that His heartbeat becomes our heartbeat?

We need to develop that level of intimacy with Him so that He’s in control of our lives. Just let me get them. ‘I know, O Lord, that Your laws are righteous, and in faithfulness You have afflicted me. The heart of man is deceitful above all things and beyond cure (Jer 17 v 9) so we are open to the deception of the enemy.

What about ill health? Is that Father God seeking to get our attention? Again from my own experience of TB and other health problems, I believe the answer is again, yes.’

‘Why sure I have a Bible for you.

So if I had joy it should have caused me to question and search. Was He seeking to get my attention?

‘The precepts of the Lord are right giving joy to the heart’.

The entire platoon knelt down at my bidding, prayed the sinners prayer and then melted off into the jungle with waves and smiles as if nothing had happened.

Are we listening? Are we heeding? Or are we still like ostriches with our heads in the sand saying it can’t happen to us?

Jesus died and rose again so that we might have a dynamic relationship with Him, Father and Holy Spirit. There was no specific reason for this joy.

We have lived more for him, the enemy, through our carnal self, than we have for God.

The following story vividly demonstrates the power of God to intervene on our behalf if we will give ourselves to Him.’ ‘It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn Your decrees’. We have continued to go our own way.

Psalm 119 says, ‘Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now I obey Your word. I want that level of intimacy with Him so that no matter what Injection Molding Barrel happens I know that He is in control.’

As I screeched to a halt before those very aggressive soldiers, my vehicle was instantly surrounded and one young soldier thrust his AK47 through the window right into my ear.

With the barrel of that weapon in my ear and the young soldier shouting, ‘Today you die! Today you die!’ I slowly turned my head towards him, looked him in the eyes, snatched the barrel away from my face with a sudden move and bellowed, ‘No! I will not die, I belong to Jesus. (Ps 19 v 8) Wow! There’s the reason.’

The captain was coming to ‘set things in order’ but as he reached the vehicle, the same confusion overcame him. The captain had clearly lost the initiative.

The progression of going astray, doing one’s own thing, to learning His ways, coming out the other side and being able to say, ‘in faithfulness you afflicted me’.’

The intimidator suddenly became the intimidated. They were bristling with AK47 automatics, rockets, mortars and an array of other weapons. In fact, I have a whole box in the trunk. As believers, we know, it is only through Jesus that we can have a relationship with our Father. I was immensely enjoying myself and eager to see the outcome.

At the root of all these problems is one thing.

Now recognising that if the law of the Lord had not become his delight he would have perished in his affliction. We live on the earth. I became the ruler and inherited the earth.

“I was ‘low flying’ through the African bush when I came upon a roadblock of communist soldiers.”
(Extract from Sermon on the Mount by Michael Howard).

All natural understanding and behaviour demanded that I should have been terrified but I was not because the peace of the Lord was my portion as a result of delighting in Him and enjoying Him.What more does God have to do to make us sit up and take note? Have these questions ever crossed your mind?

Almighty God lives in Heaven. No one had given me a present, come to visit me or sent me a letter.’ (v67, 71, 75, 92)

What a wonderful understanding of the ways of the Lord.’

The soldier fell back from the vehicle in absolute amazement, as did his comrades at my shout.

I am certainly not afraid of that.’

With that I alighted from the vehicle, grabbed the box of Bibles and distributed them amongst the soldiers. God in His mercy and desire that none should perish is making His Presence known in more powerful ways. Yes, it all belongs to Him but He has given us the responsibility of ruling here.

‘What’s wrong? We have the guns and this man should be afraid! This is not working.’ ‘If Your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction. The issue was whether I was going to rule or be ruled in the middle of the African bush. Man. So now we have unusual weather patterns, food shortages and financial collapses.

I realise now that being made in His image, joy is part of the nature that He has put within us.

Now, in the thinking of the world, I was supposed to be intimidated and full of fear.

The Lord was present and fully in control of the whole situation